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Market Women Took To Streets Protest For ASUU Strikes Call Off gathered that President of the market women association, Mrs Felicia Sani, led over 200 women to protest the lingering strike by ASUU in Abuja on Monday said the federal government has no blame in the matter. She said ASUU should call off the strike immediately otherwise they will take their own action.

Speaking on the strike which is now more than 100 days, Mrs Felicia said: “We are tired of seeing our children at home. We want our children back in school. Enough of this cheap blackmail. We all know what they do with our year-one daughters in the university. We equally know that they sell handouts and handbooks. Is this not worse than corruption of the highest order? SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>

Asked why they did not criticize the Government for refusing to keep an agreement, she said: “Which agreement? How do you expect lecturers in state universities to earn same salaries as Federal ones? That is impossible. We are not educated, but you do not expect a hotel in my village to cost same price as a hotel in Abuja. “They are located in different places. So how can a state university lecturer earn same salary with his federal counterpart?”
ASUU leadership is however saying that if the salaries and allowances of all politicians in all states in Nigeria is fixed from the Presidency in Abuja, then that of workers must not be different.
In addition, ASUU said what they are asking for is what the government willingly entered into in 2009.

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