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Manchester bomber Salman Abedi’s dad insists son is innocent  

The dad of the Manchester suicide bomber insisted his son was innocent just moments before he was dramatically arrested by masked men during a TV interview .
Ramadan Abedi – who was reportedly arrested in front of cameras as he gave an interview to reporters in Tripoli, Libya – denied his son is linked to militants or the suicide bombing at a concert by pop-star Ariana Grande.

Mr Adebi said:

“We don’t believe in killing innocents. This is not us.”

Ramadan Abedi said he spoke to his son five days ago and insisted he sounded “normal” as he prepared for a trip to Saudi Arabia.

He said Salman was planning to head from Saudi Arabia to Libya ,which he visited a month-and-a-half ago – to spend the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with family.

Bomber Salman Abedi’s brother Hashem, 20, has been arrested on suspicion of Islamic State links in the wake of the massacre of 22 innocent people at Manchester Arena on Monday night

Local counter-terrorism authority Rada made the arrest with spokesman Ahmed Bin Salem saying: “We have evidence that he is involved in Daesh (ISIS) with his brother. We have been following him for more than one month and a half.
“He was in contact with his brother and he knew about the attack.”



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