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Man accidentally had sex with girlfriend’s ‘identical’ roommate

A woman has been left in turmoil after her boyfriend claimed he ‘accidentally’ had sex with her roommate while they were both asleep – but she doesn’t know whether to believe him.


In a thread posted on Quora, the anonymous woman asked if someone can ‘accidentally penetrate’ someone else without realising it.

She wrote:

‘My boyfriend claims he accidentally penetrated my roommate while sleeping, thinking it was me. How can I know if he’s telling the truth?’

The woman said her friend was asleep on her bed when the incident took place and claims the two of them look ‘identical’ and that her boyfriend was slightly drunk.

Some users said that the man’s actions were clearly rape and that she should be supporting her roommate in reporting him to the police.

However, some people believed the man had made a terrible mistake and suggested he could have a sleep disorder called sexsomnia.



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