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“I wasn’t forming in the house, I don’t know how to dance” – TBoss shares videos to prove she can’t dance

Big brother Naija 2017 housemate, TBoss caused a lot of controversy while in the house, and one of them was never dancing during their Saturday parties.

Most people then reacted saying she was forming and all. Well, the Edo state born now actress and model just shared throwback videos of when a friend of hers was teaching her how to dance before she entered the house. According to her, she wasn’t forming, she even had to pay people to teach her how to dance before she entered the house but to no avail. She wrote;

“Had to dig deep into my Archives for these videos for 2 reasons- 1st- to show you that indeed @tonye01 is a fantastic dancer, she tried God knows that she did her best to teach me but….. 2nd- For all those that thought I wasn’t dancing in the house cos I was being bourgey, I’m forming, TBoss is fake- Nahhh fam I just DO NOT KNOW how to dance! Like at all. I got friends to teach me, paid people but it didn’t work. At all. She actually came from out of town to coach me before I went into the BBN house and y’all still saw what happened.

Although in my head I am Sasha Firerce but in reality😝. I have accepted myself like so & feel no pressure to be otherwise,the right people love me either ways & d rest, well The rest don’t matter.

That doesn’t mean I do not enjoy music- I love music but my body doesn’t respond to it by shaking or moving, I respond to music in other ways. Who can guess???


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