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Nancy was every man’s dream. A role model to many and the” top banana” of the youth choir. Very well known on facebook and her picture causes a bottleneck whenever she post one.

She’s an embodiment of beauty. A motivator ,a holiness preacher and also an hipster .Many atimes brothers grappled just to get her attention just because of her charm.

“Hi Nancy” Emeka inboxed. How are you? I’m a big fan of your episodes and inspirational messages,can we be friends?

Nancy read but didn’t reply. Emeka’s message slept in her inbox for weeks and was begging for attention, but Nancy never replied. The following week Emeka wrote again, Nancy read, but this time visited Emeka’s timeline and found out that Emeka was just a regular guy with few followers. His pictures has never gotten more than 15 likes and she saw him as a downmarket.

“Where have I gone wrong? Emeka asked himself . Am I that ugly? I know I don’t have money to buy fancy clothes but that doesn’t make me less human.

Fast  forward 2 months and they met at the youths conference and Emeka accosted Nancy again.

“Hi Sister Nancy” he waved, but Nancy looked at him and snobbed him.

Emeka felt shattered. He has fallen in love with Nancy already , but the constant snub breaks his heart daily

What a beauty, he said. Only if she had said hi to me, I would have been the happiest man alive. God I really wish I’d be the one to marry this sister, he said again to himself.

Emeka was frustrated, so he decided to up his game by going to the marriage committee . The following week, Nancy was called by the marriage committee and she observed all the procedures. When she finally saw that it was Emeka, she was sore vexed. ” you again? She said. Why do you think you can just marry anyone you see on facebook?

“It’s not like that Nancy, I can explain”

Explain what actually? That you looked and searched around and you decided that I’d be the one to marry you? Pipe dreams bro! Well, now you have the attention you craved, use it to buy jeep, she said and walked away.

Nancy please listen to me!! Emeka said, (as he holds her hand) I might not be as good looking as the guys that flocks around you. I might be everything you do not want from a man, but I have something to offer as a husband.

Eheheheheheheh Nancy laughed . Looks at him from head down to his shoes and laughed even harder. Emeka was wearing a well ironed trouser and a bogus starched sleeve like a typical hillbilly .

Brooooooooooo(she stretches) ………. What’s that your name again?

Emeka , (bro Emeka helps her)

Ok Emeka, as you can see, I hardly know your name and you’re talking of marriage. I can’t marry your type. We are from different world. Do not ever try to stop me next time or else I’ll report you to the police.

Emeka was sad as she watches Nancy walk away.

Nancy went about doing her thing and brothers kept coming for her, but she turned many of them down. She had brothers who she was crushing on and would love to marry, but none of them looked her way, as these brothers had their own crushes.

When Nancy finally graduated she went for service and at that time she clocked 31. By the time she was done with youth service, she was a year older and still hasn’t met her dream utopian husband.

One night she was on her bed playing” Temple Run ” game when her friend Sharon called her.

“Hey sweetie ” it’s me Sharon

“How are you Sharon? Nancy replied ”

“I’m fine sweetie, guess what?

” I can’t guess jor, please tell me ”

“Okay ,myself and Fred finally fixed a date for our white wedding ”

“Wow congratulations girl!! This is great news, Nancy said as she giggles ”

“Yeah yeah!! Please sweetie I want you to be my bridesmaids. Just stop at my place next week so my tailor can take your measurements”.

When Sharon ended the call, Nancy became blue . She was bridesmaids to Esther, Mirabel , Ada and now Sharon?

What is happening to me? Am I cursed? Like I don’t get it, Ada ,Mirabel Esther and Sharon are not prettier than me. In fact, these are people I give some of my old clothes, and they are all married. Is there something wrong with me? Nancy began to think out loud as she ended her Temple Run game and grabbed her pillow to sleep.

Fast  forward to 2years later, she began to look for job as she has always dreamed of having a nice job with a corner office. She’s posted her curriculum on LinkedIn and other blogs but no good news yet. One day she heard by serendipity that a company in Lagos is hiring and she went to join the cue of job hunters for interview. When it got to her turn, she greeted the manager.

“Hi Nancy” the manager said.

Nancy looked closely and found out the man behind the desk was Emeka. Same Emeka he rejected and insulted . She turned back and was about leaving the office when Emeka called her back.

“Sit down” he said .
You see by God’s grace I was employed here 8months after I finished my Nysc. In fact how I got the job is along story, which I’ll tell you later, but let’s talk about you! You’re looking so beautiful as usual. Do you need anything to drink?

Nancy began to cry. Life has humbled her. She couldn’t say anything , and she stood up again to leave the office, Emeka ran to hold her.

It’s okay Nancy, I understand how you feel. You see, I really did loved you. I grappled day and night to contain my feelings for you, so as not to hurt myself more or even make mistake in my heavenly race.

All I needed was to be friends with you and more. I’m an introvert and don’t have too many friends, but you would have been to me, what a thousand friends would have offered me. I might be unsociable but I’m an eager beaver and would have worked myself out to be the best husband to you. On your birthday I was the one that sent you a portrait as a gift, Emeka continued as he too began to bucket down tear drops.

No you weren’t the one Nancy said in surprise, as she raised her head up and looked Emeka in the eyes .

Yes I was, Nancy. I couldn’t face you so I dropped the gift with your kid sister that day.

On hearing this, Nancy cried aloud and Emeka brought out his handkerchief and then offered it to her, but she was inconsolable .

“Nancy, can you give me another chance to draw you a portrait? This time not as an anonymous man, but as your husband”.

Nancy knelt down and was about to apologize when Emeka held her up and smiled. Please don’t, Nancy, I’m not asking this because of what has happened, but what I feel for you has remained unchanged. Can I be your Ronald Reagan ? Can you give us a chance to continue from where we stopped at the marriage committee?

Yes! she said with tears drops .

Everything went fast and they eventually wedded. Nancy became the happiest woman on earth and Emeka loved her so much.

On their wedding night Emeka drew near to her as they sat on the bed. I have a surprise for you he said.

What surprise honey? Life has surprised me already. I’m not ready for more, at least for now.

Emeka smiled and said, don’t worry my love, I’ll show you in the morning.

That night they consummated the wedding and Nancy woke up to a bright morning. She sighed and stretched herself, and as she looked down, she saw a portrait of hers lying on the table with a written note.

Good morning honey, I told you I had a surprise for you right? Well here it is. I woke up by 4am just to draw a portrait of you. It was a no brainer because your picture is embossed in my heart already. I went out to the groceries and I’ll be back in a jiffy.

I love you my habibi(My love).
Your lovely husband.

Nancy began to cry again. Emeka had broken all her resolve and walls in just 3 months.

She knelt down and said a short prayer.
Lord I thank you for your mercy.
Thank you for not allowing this gift pass me by.
Thank you because, even when I was acting irrational, you still didn’t allow this gift, cocooned as a husband, slip through my fingers. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!





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