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How “Thin Tall Tony” denies his daughter on Big Brother Nigeria, Calling her his niece  

Thin Tall Tony is at it again, denying his family. The housemate, popular for his sexcapades with another housemate, Bisola, and for hiding his marriage status from his fellow housemates, has taken it further by denying his daughter whose birthday is today.
Thursday night, while toasting to, Efe, a fellow housemate who shares same birthday as his daughter Emmanuella, TTT said:
“We’re looking forward to that day – tomorrow, you and my niece…” and he raised his bottle of beer in toast.  After he says that, Efe calls him back and asks, “that your goddaughter, Ella?” to which TTT replied in the affirmative.

For N25 million, in this recession, it seems some people are willing to deny their entire generation. Lol.


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