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How can you expect lady who spent almost all her life in Romania to recite the anthem? Lady Defends BBNaija Tboss

Lady Defends BBNaija Tboss, She Wrote: Yes she can’t recite the national anthem what’s the news about that? Buhari get certificate? Yet he is the president. Most of his ministerial & ambassadorial nominees cannot recite the anthem during their screening yet they went ahead to endorse them. Magu & Lawal failed an integrity test yet they re still at the helm of affairs fighting corruption & heading security post respectively.
How can you expect a lady who spent almost all her life in Romania, including her university education to know how to recite the anthem? Who the national anthem don EPP? Even most of our so called youth cannot recite the anthem, what’s the brouhaha about?
You guys should better leave my Queen alone…. We don’t love her because she is perfect, we love her because her imperfection is quit overwhelming . No amount of propaganda will make us despise or turn our back on her so quit trying cos u have ran out of lucK! #teamtbosssuperfans#


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