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Here’s Caroline Danjuma’s thoughts on BBNaija’s TBoss vs Kemen controversy  

Caroline Danjuma has defended her now deleted post on the Kemen/TBoss issue where she said being called a molester is punishment enough…Read what she wrote below

We live in a world were people feel they have to fight to be heard … I posted a write up some days ago because I needed CLARIFICATIONS based on the few min clips I saw. The same way you all saw few seconds clips of AY show n started bashing him is the same way I saw few seconds clips of the incident and needed clarification .. firstly in my write up I wrote kemens actions were very inappropriate before I proceeded to ask questions concerning TBoss .. note this was based on the clips going round .. thirdly I asked lawyers and councillors in the house to Mk me understand better .. lastly my writeup requested for forgiveness for kemen even with further post which I asked for kemen and tboss to have a closure to this as this must hurt really badly .. unfortunately some peeps are so sad that all they know how to do is fight fight fight .. there is nothing like an apology or forgiveness in this world anymore .. we all act like we are sinless .. to request for forgiveness does not justify his actions is right .

To ask questions concerning tboss’ involvement does not mean she is wrong or she is to be blamed .. most of us have a RIGHT to our own opinions and thoughts towards this and we have that same right to ask question for more understanding ( we paid for subscription too) .. no matter what , both parties must be heard for fair judgement .. note kemens actions ain’t right ( I repeat) … I am not new to your abusive ways so have a go with it .. there can only be a closure if both parties are heard.. even if kemen and tboss had to see a counsellor she will listen to both before she tries to help them heal ..some of us ain’t as heartless as you all.. we give second chances, we forgive and hope it never repeats itself .. we ain’t perfect .

I am a feminist but first I promote love and forgiveness and yes I will ask as many questions as I want for CLARIFICATION. Love to Tboss and love to Kemen.. I pray the lord helps you both to heal from this saga .. black out the world .. let God speak to you himself .. The solution is with him .. open your heart to forgive and let love rule.. the world is full of hate… everyone deserves a second chance . 😘.


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