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Here Is The list of Baffling objects removed from women’s vaginas via Surgical Operation In The Year 2017

The list of the objects removed from women’s vaginas over the last 12 months has been released and you won’t believe some of the objects found in there.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission puts out a database of emergency room visits. And the website Adequate Man released a list of strange objects doctors have found inside vaginas this year.

Here are the most frequent emergency room visits in the US for vaginal obstructions removed.

  1. Scented soap
  2. Deodorant lid
  3. Bottlecap
  4. Penis ring with spikes on it
  5. A piece of rusty metal
  6. Silicon balls
  7. A ball
  8. Bike reflector
  9. A woman on her period inserted non-birth control sponge in vagina so she could swim
  10. Headphones
  11. Hot towel
  12. A woman was having sexual intercourse with boyfriend when he put phone and money in her vagina
  13. Clay
  14. Candlestick
  15. Lollipop
  16.  One woman was brought to the emergency room because she was using massaging urethral vaginal stone balls and the string holding 15 balls together dissolved. Only 14 balls could be found.
  17. Toy magic wand
  18. Multiple tampons in one vagina

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