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Ghanaian gospel singer, Esaaba Haizel advises women to date multiple men at the same time

In a recent interview, Ghanaian gospel singer, Esaaba Haizel advised women to have multiple partners but without having sexual intercourse with them. According to her, various men are in your life to cater to various needs. She said;

“I advised young girls on my Facebook wall to have three to five men at the same time without having any s*xual intercourse with them.

You just have to be firm not to sleep with them. Having multiple partners will help you to study them, then you let the rest go, by choosing just one. Why waste your time to date only one person?

I’m saying this because you can’t have it all. One of the men would be interested in your business, one would be concerned about the food you eat on daily basis thereby supply your needs, the other will be interested in the shoes, makeups, clothing you wear, the list goes on”

I’m a Christian, is there something wrong with my advice to young ladies who aspire to marry? It’s a good advice your pastor cannot give you


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