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Game of Thrones meets the Premier League: Which house would your club be in?| See Games Of Thrones Cast & Respective UEFA ( Football Clubs)

GAME OF THRONES swings back into action over the weekend with the premiere of Season 6, and Express Sport has taken a look at how the major players in Westeros match up to the Premier League.

House Lannister (Chelsea):
They get s**t done, no matter how ugly it is. Biggest c*nts….but guaranteed success. Irrelevant without money.

House Targaryen (ManUtd):
Once a great force, brought down for few years. Hint of a come back but its a shit world. So could fail miserably

House Stark (Arsenal):
Trying to achieve everything honorably, in that process getting everyone killed & lose everything.

White Walkers(Spurs):

Not here for throne or anything. Just to put the pressure on all houses.
Starks making sure they r in behind the wall.

House Tyrell (ManCity):
Has buttload of money but no one gives a fuck about them, got no fans.

House Baratheon (Liverpool):
Whenever they try, they fail.

House Bolton(Leicester):
Did well & dominated for a season but now beaten to ashes. In couple of yrs people wont even know who they were.


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