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Controversial football star, Chichi Igbo, Goes Braless, Blasts Lady Who Told Her To Get Married

Controversial football star, Chichi Igbo, shared a ‘seductive’ video where she was playing music and whining her waist in seductive manner.

She was braless and her followers accused her of trying to seduce them with the raunchy video display.

Lady commented:

‘Any hope of getting married to a responsible guy? Becos u looks like a I don’t know, can’t see words to describe u even in the dictionary, u might be a cartoon’

The muscular and tattooed football star who seems not ready to get married fired at her:

‘@igba_ka_igba listen to this mugu, if I back �� you, you go disappear from my page, ewu, don’t go n worry about your own life n marriage. One more word n I’ll block your stupid ass’

Do you think Chichi will ever get married?

Of course, marriage is not for everyone. If she chooses to be single it shouldn’t be anybody’s headache.

What do you think?


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