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Chris Attoh hints that Damilola Adegbite was not submissive in their marriage

Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh, has reportedly one of the reasons his 2 year marriage to Nigerian actress, Damilola Adegbite, crashed. According to the actor, the actress was not submissive.

Chris said this in a chat with Bola Ray on Starr Chat, he has said that women should be submissive to their husband whenever they get the opportunity to be married. He said;

“A woman who does not submit to the husband and trust his instincts is not going to be successful in marriage.

I think that we have forgotten about the fundamentals of marriage. When you love someone, it’s important to be able to forgive, respect and submit.” he told Bola Ray.

“As a woman you need to trust the captain of the ship. It’s truly important if you want peace in your home.”

If you are a Christian, it is your bible that will take you through your wedding days.”

Everything happens for a reason. I have a beautiful baby boy, a wealth of experience and a lot of work to do”, Chris explained.


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