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Chinaify Onyeabo’s Writes: My second best 2018 BBNaija candidate is Cynthia, popularly known as Cee-C.

She is that very beautiful short tempered lady who stood her ground to fight for herself without looking for any man to encourage her to be who she is. That single lady who does not throw herself at any man. That single lady who didn’t leave no boyfriend back home and form new relationships. That single woman who knows that having a man is not an achievement and that if she is going to have a man, then the man must prove that he is indeed her man (Like Miracle did for Nina) not an “agaracha”, that is a wakaabout.
Cee-C  is that lady who wouldn’t go out of her way to look for your trouble but gives zero chill when you bring it to her.
A lot of stories I have read about this woman is always twisted. Her flaws are grossly exaggerated.
This would seem like campaigning for Cee-C against Miracle who is my number 1 but evil thrives because good people are silent.  I cannot be silent about these things.  If I was not so deeply involved with Miracle, I would be giving all my votes completely to this lady.
Cee-C’s story is interesting in the sense that it has revealed that most Nigerian women love to be clingy and needy. In reality, we love women who are not just financially dependent but emotionally dependent to men.  You may want to find out the number of women who goes to Joro to complain about a man and the responses they get from women usually telling them to stand up and set things right. We usually tell them to stand up for themselves and stop being clingy. Cee-C is an exposition of the true things the Nigerian woman really wants. Because most of her feminine critiques hated her guts.
One of the reasons I admire Cee-C is because she will not go out of her way to drag you out.  Cee-C is garbage in, garbage out.  You give her trouble, you get trouble in return. Actions and reactions are always equal and opposite. You do not trigger a negative action and also want to determine how what you triggered may end up. One can say Cee-C  overreacts to situations but what you can never deny is the fact that she is actually reacting to an ugly situation.
The ultimate question is why create an ugly situation and also not expect a reaction or desire to predict the reaction and want it to be positive?
It also appears most people hate certain vices only when Cee-C does it. As I constantly see people taking about how Cee-C lied even in the midst of a discussion where everyone is lying, they pick on the lies told by Cee-C.
A housemate places her sand filed shoes on Cee-C’s bed, she points it out, she gets no sorry and then she reacts. Everyone runs with the story of how Cee-C abused the housemate but not what the housemate did.
A housemate takes a spoonful of rice from her plate while her mouth is bent down to the plate to avoid the food from spilling on the floor. The said food was taken without her knowledge and consent and she reacts about her nasty it felt observing that.  She gets no apologies and then she reacts. News spread of the words Cee-C  employed to defend her smashed ego but not the act of the said housemate
A housemate consistently farts around her and refuses to be corrected to take a step back and then fart all she wants. Then we leave the farting housemate and scold the one who suffers from the obviously foul air.
Even other housemate who is romantically involved with a guy have their men eat together with them, sit around in corners with them and very protective of them. Nina and Bam-Bam is an example.  Miracle is always seen “clearing” people in issues that concerns Nina. We loved that about him. Teddy A will never even allow you litigate on issue between him and Bamike.
Cee-C desired the same thing from Tobi which apparently was not forthcoming. She is being crucified for wanting her man to be hers and hers alone. How twisted.
Nobody is even mentioning the fact that Tobi conspired with housemates to evict her from the house and she found out. Nobody recalls that while they were dating during that brief period, Tobi saved Bam-Bam  (another man’s girlfriend) and put up his own girlfriend (Cee-C).
Teddy A kept wondering why Tobi would put up his own girlfriend and save his.  It did not make sense to Teddy (I will post the video). Even if you had a quarrel with a lady you are romantically involved with.  Would that be enough reason to dish loyalty and put her up because you want to save other friendship which is more important to you.
It is the above kind of boyfriend that people have adjudged a good boy. The same people who demand loyalty from a man.
After that ugly save and replace, Cee-C  stopped seeking for friendship and validation from any housemate.  She stopped finding strength in anyone but herself. She moved on and I see nothing wrong with that. The same man now decided to start behaving like girls and became friends with a lady who confessed to her desire to always put road blocks between intimate relationship (I already posted the video). Alex said in the past that she likes separating intimate relationships.
Many times we have said a man who does not want to be kept cannot be kept. Why then do we accuse Cee-C of inability to keep a man which someone else is now keeping for her?
I can understand why a lot of men will not like Cee-C’s guts. Our society, especially the men loves a woman who is emotionally and financially dependent because it makes you vulnerable and commands obedience. Even women are not left out because they desire same from other women but not themselves.
Cee-C has no morals but you applaud women who had sex on air, applauded those who cheated and encouraged them to dish their boyfriend of 2 years for a new one they recently met in the house.
Cee-C does not claim to be a saint but she refused to date a guy who is not sure of himself. She refuses to shrink for anyone just because she has flaws.
 A guy who not only put up his girlfriend for eviction but also nominated his so called best friends girlfriend.
I have given Miracle more than 5000 votes. Someone sent me a 1k airtime for Miracle. I am gong to vote him once more with that so as not to breach contract then start voting Cee-C as well. I love them both and Cee-C should be in the second place at least in my opinion.
Meanwhile this morning, Cee-C was on her own, Tobi went to her face and screamed, “I do not like you again”.
Of course he got a reaction.

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