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Tunji Braithwaite’s son reveals the cause of his death  


The founder of the Nigerian Advance Party, NAP, Braithwaite died yesterday at St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos. His son, Olumide, has now given the details of his death.

He said the legal icon and activist politician fell from a thread mill a few weeks ago and had been ill since then.The illness was said to have worsened yesterday morning when he had breathing problems prompting his being rushed to the hospital. Olumide, who is yet to reconcile himself with the fact that his dad is no more said the family was sad about the death of his father but they are also happy about what he stood for while he was alive.  

“I believe if Nigeria has a minimum of 10 fearless personalities who are fighting for the masses like my father did all his life, Nigeria would have been a better country today. “My father stood for integrity, steadfastness, uprightness, courage, bravery and the voice for the masses of Nigeria. In his early 40’s, he contested against the known names in the political annals of this country which include, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the great Zik and Shehu Shagari. I can say without being immodest that his name also opened a lot of goodwill for the children and family anywhere we found ourselves.”


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