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Who Is Buhle Masoko? | Biography/Profile/History Of South African “Skeem Saam Nimza Real Name Buhle Masoko

Buhle Masoko is a South African actor best known for his role as Nimza in the SABC1 drama series Skeem Saam.


Buhle (also known as BooGy) is one of the new cast members on Skeem Saam, playing Nimza, the son of the late Ben Kunutu. BooGy is a 22-year-old “future entertainment mogul”, and currently a third year Audiovisual Communication student at the University of Johannesburg, where he’s also a UJFM DJ and sports anchor. Some of you might have seen him on YoTV where he’s one of the presenters.

How have you managed to find a balance between work and school?

It hasn’t been easy, especially because I’m a full time student. In the last 2-3 years, I’ve dedicated my life to making it big in the South African entertainment scene, and I seem to be taking strides in the right direction, which is really encouraging.

What are you like when you’re not working?

Off screen, I am a very reserved person, and I keep to myself a lot. Fun for me is being at home watching sport (football, cricket, rugby, athletics) I am BIG on sports. I describe myself as someone who is very family orientated, as they mean the world to me and are my biggest supports.

How did you get to be on Skeem Saam?

I will never forget this day… I remember seeing three missed calls on my phone this one day, and I was convinced that it was the bank reminding me (like they usually do) that I owed them. The same number called for the fourth time fifteen minutes later, and I finally answered. One of the writers asked me to come in for an audition the next day, and I thought that someone was playing tricks on me. A script was emailed to me, and I learnt it while studying for an exam the next day. I auditioned right before my exam, and I immediately convinced myself that that was the end of that dream. I was shocked when I was later asked to return for the second phase of the audition. The day I got the call, I was picked for the part; and it took about three weeks to sink in.



How has it been thus far?

My time at Skeem Saam has been amazing; and I’m grateful for the way that those, brilliant actors have accepted me and helped me out. The crew and cast as a whole has shown me great support, and I respect each and every person in that production. It really is a winning family that will take SA by storm!

Top 5 songs trending in your life right now?

I’m going local with this one because I feel our South African artists are really releasing quality music:

Naakmusiq – Crazy

Culoe de Song – No Contest

AKA – Congratulate

KO and Kid X – Cara Cara

And obviously DJ Clock – Remember You

Any career highlights yet?

Apart from being on Skeem Saam, another one that comes to mind is reaching SABC Sports Top 15 in a recent presenter search they had. This was out of ± 5000 hopefuls in Joburg, so it gave me the strength and the drive to carry on pursuing my dreams.

What’s your favourite quote?

My favourite quote is “You’ve been given a chance to shine, so go out there and blind the world”, and I intend on doing just that. Like I said say on my twitter bio “I am not a big deal yet but I am still putting in the hours…” SA and the rest of the world should watch out for me (@BooGy_M).


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