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Who Is Chizzy Alichi? | Biography/Profile/History of Chizzy Alichi whose real name is Chigozie Alichi

Chizzy Alichi whose real name is Chigozie Alichi was born on December 23. She is an actress in the Nollywood movie industry and hails from Enugu state, southeast Nigeria.

Dark-complexioned Chigozie Alichi, popularly known as Chizzy, is an up-and-coming Enugu-State-based Nollywood actress. She’s an Agricultural Engineering Graduate at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, ESUT.
Chizzy, the last child in a family of six, disclosed that her passion for acting began when she was a child. Her parents also encourage and support her acting career.

“My passion for acting started when I was a child. I used to watch a lot of home videos and sometimes I used my lunch money to rent the videos to watch. I started acting in late 2010.

The truth is that nobody introduced me into Nollywood. One fateful day, I was walking past when I saw the banner of Actors Guild of Nigeria at their office at the National Museum in Enugu. I went in to enquire and the person told me to register. The next day I registered and started going for auditions. I have always wanted to act, so I saw it as a good opportunity and that was how it all began for me,” Chizzy revealed.

She said unhesitatingly, “No, not at all. God has been on my side and I am grateful to Him.” About her first time on set, Chizzy noted that besides being a shy person, she was so nervous.

“It was something else coupled with the fact that I am a very shy person. I saw those stars I had been watching on television live and I was so nervous, shy and happy at the same time. It was like a dream,” she emphasised.

Who is that male Nollywood actor she has had a crush on with as a growing lady and had eventually acted with in a movie? She blushed but said, “It is Kenneth Okonkwo. When we acted together, it felt like a dream, I mean I couldn’t believe it. Chizzy Alichi & Chistabel Egbenya


I was his girlfriend in the movie and it was awesome. It’s a one to six part movie entitled ‘Soul of a king’, blood on the throne and reign of terror’. The movie also featured talented actresses like Mercy Johnson, Eve Esin and Ngozi Ezeonu. He is so professional when it comes to acting.” How has it been for a fast-rising actress like her in the industry?

“It has been challenging, fun and a lot of hard work but above all, God’s grace is sufficient,” she noted. Speaking about her aspiration in life, Chizzy revealed: “I aspire to be the leading name in Nollywood and Hollywood with lots of investments.” Her greatest fear in life is defeat. “I always want to win so I don’t succumb easily to defeat,” she said.

Chizzy has played numerous roles in movies; however, the most interesting character she had ever played was that of a blind and depraved girl. “It was the role of a blind and wicked girl. It was very interesting and challenging at the time because it is not my character.


However, I was able to fit into the character as I had to watch foreign movies and also do research on how blind people behave and act. Also, I had to learn how to squeeze my ever smiling face to look wicked. It was tasking but I had fun on set.”
She admires Kogi-born Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, a great deal: “I admire Mercy Johnson a lot because she knows her onions. She is a good and talented actress.”

Every woman has an asset which she values most on her body, always proud of and willing to show off. For the ever-smiling Chizzy, her hips are her s3xiest asset, although people also love her height but my hips are what they admire most,” she disclosed.

Would she reject any movie role, “Except for acting unclnde, I will take any role given to me. My dignity is very important to me,” she said.

She defines her style as casual and very simple even as she loves to wear fitted clothes to flaunt her hips. “My style is casual and very simple. I love to wear fitted and colourful outfits because of my dark complexion which also flaunts my hips. However, I will never be caught dead wearing transparent clothes,” she said. Between talent and looks, which would she flaunt?

The Nollywood star said she would rather show off her talent. “I will flaunt my talent because with looks you can only attract people physically but with talent, people will admire and cherish you for who you are.”

Nollywood Actress, Chizzy Alichi Builds House For Her Parents

Chizzy has played lead roles in movies like ‘Drop of blood’, ‘K1ss on a royal balcony’, ‘Blind soul’, ‘Soul of a king’, ‘Udaraugo’, among others.

The popular Nollywood Actress, Chizzy Alichi Builds House For Her Parents,  See BEFORE & AFTER Pictures Below:


Nollywood Actress, Chizzy Alichi Writes: “People have always refer to me as “mgbeke” (local girl) that I dont know fashion or carry designer bags/shoes/clothes
That I don’t wear expensive hair. Well my darlings I do know and want to wear those things but I have been saving for this building right here. I can’t remember d last time my family travelled for Xmas because their is no house to stay. My mother falls sick whenever she goes for August meeting and comes back. My father wanted to sell half of our compound to fix d leaking roof, buy ceiling and also patch the broken wall but I told him No. ( PAPA I WILL BUILD HOUSE FOR YOU) after saving for sometime, I wanted to use the money to buy myself another car (A bigger car) but I said to myself, what’s d need for d car when we don’t have roof over our head in d village moreover the car I have is still in good condition and serves me well, I can always buy another one later. Today am grateful to Almight God that it came to pass. My parents are d happiest ppl on earth. 4 masters bedroom, extra 2 toilets, kitchen, dinning and palour. God is the Greatest.” Nollywood actress @chizzyalichi



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