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Profile Of Isa Ali Pantami (National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) – Director-General)

Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim (Pantami), the Director General of the National Information Technology Development Agency was born on 20th October 1972 and hails from Pantami District of Gombe State.

Prior to his appointment, he worked as an Academic in various capacities. He completed his Primary and Secondary Education in Gombe State with excellent results; after which he acquired more advanced religious knowledge before moving to Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University of Technology in 2001 where he obtained his first degree of BTech, MSc in Computer Science (2008), MBA (Technology Management) all from the same University.  He ob­tained his PhD in Computer Information System from the famous and prestigious Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom. Erstwhile to that, he earned a post graduate certificate on Research Methods and another on Teaching and Demonstrations in the UK.

He registered with Cisco in 2004 and passed the CCNA examination. In addition, he enrolled in Capacity Building Programmes on System Design and Networking. He lectured at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Nigeria for over a decade where he taught courses: such as Multimedia; Software engineering; hardware Technology; Software Technology; Fundamentals of Software Engineering; Advance Programming languages; Management Information Systems; Geographic Information Systems; among others. In the same University he supervised 8 post graduate students to completion, in addition to over 100 undergraduate students. He held many positions in the Faculty. He was also a member of 4 University committees constituted by the Management.

In 2014, he moved to the International Islamic University of Madinah where he served as the Head of Technical Writing. He also taught courses, such as Operations Research; Software Engineering; Information Systems Application; Analysis and Development; Principles of Marketing. He was also the Secretary and member of three committees: University Accreditation committee; Staff Training and Development Committee; and Information Technology Committee. He serves as an IT consultant to many national industries.

Dr. Isa has authored more than a dozen books on many areas ranging from Technology, Religion and Peaceful coexistence and over 12 publications in International Journals, which include The Importance of Identity Management Systems in Developing Countries.” International Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering and Management (IJIREM). Volume 2, Issue 6; the Macrotheme Review: A Multidisciplinary Journal of Global Macro Trends, Paris, France, Volume 2, No 1.pp.1-7, International Journal of Computer & Information Technology, Volume 2 No 1.pp.1-10; Volume 1, No 2 .pp.159-164; Nigerian Journal of Management Technology, Volume 1, No. 2.pp.41-47; Volume 1, No. 2.pp.41-47; Volume 3, No 2.pp.15-21; Volume 2.pp. 39-47; Volume 2, No. 1.pp.83-91; Volume 2, No. 2. Pp77-84; Volume 1, No. 2.pp.41-47. among others which can be viewed at

Dr. Isa has presented many papers which includes, Good Governance in Nigeria; ICT Globalisation and the Role of Religious Organisation in Peace Building in the Chad Basin; Theology and Jurisprudence in the Ideological Framework of Current Insurgences: Towards an alternative Islamic Discourse and among others.

Furthermore, he has attended many International workshops/seminars and conferences in Switzerland, England, France, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Dubai, Thailand, Kuwait and Egypt among others.

He is a member of many professional bodies such as NCS, CPN, ABET and CISCO Alumni.

Dr. Isa is happily married with children.

RELIGIOUS: Islam and Politics, Synonimity or Dichotomy?,The Essentials O Marriage in Establishing An Ideal Family, Month of The Qur’an & Its Virtues, and 63 Steps Of Performing an Acceptable Hajji & Its Spiritual and Moral Lessons And Many more.isa_ali_pantami_562441901


COMMUNAL: The Negative impact of ICT on human health. Volume 2, no 2 Jomatech, 2010, An analysis of e-learning in Nigerian and United Kingdom Universities. Volume 2, no 1, International Journal of Computer and Information Technology, India, Information and Communication Technology, A Tool for Fraud Prevention and Detection. Volume 1, no 2 Jomatech 2008, Data Recovery and Back up Disaster. Volume 2, no 1 Jomatech, 2008, Analysis on the failure of Desktop and Laptop Hardware Components. Volume 2, no 1 Jomatech, 2008
And Many More.

Dr Isa has successfully participated in several Seminars, International & Local Conference and Workshops as Resource person, Speaker, Presenter, Discussant. For example, He participated in NMFUK Conference which held in Newcastle 2011, Leicester, 2013, IT Conference in Paris 2013, Oil and Gas Computing, 2013, National Seminar on Graphing Calculators, University of Mathematics Malaysia, 2008, International Workshop on Family Planning and Reproductive Health, International University of Azhar, Egypt, July, 2006, International Workshop on Ishraaqaatun Qur’aniyya, Islam Today Foundation, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, July, 2007,xi.International Discourse on Islam and Life, Jamaa’atus Sunnah, Diffa, Niger, March, 2007. International Daura Course, Indimi Trust Centre, Islamic University of Madina, Maiduguri, July, 1995, One-Day Seminar on Health, Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria, July, 1997, One-Day Seminar on Islamization of Natural Sciences, FCE, October, 1998, Workshop on Capacity Building Programme, Educational Trust Fund, Abuja, June, 2003,Workshop on Training Programme For Juma’ah Imams, Centre For Islamic Legal Studies, Ahmadu Bello UniversityZaria, Bauchi State, September, 2006,Train-The-Trainers’ Workshop for Hajj Affairs Officers And Islamic Scholars, Bauchi State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board, October, 2006, And National Seminar of IHSAN on Islamic Contemporary Movement Between Laxity and Extremism, September 2009, to mention but few.

His Responsibilities and activities: Presenter on Islamic Lessons/Lectures, GMTV,
Gombe State 2000-2003, National Television Authority Bauchi State 2004-Date, BRC Radio, Bauchi State 2004-Date, Federal FM,Bauchi State, 2005-Date, BATV Bauchi 2006-Date and also a Member Shurah, Supreme Council For Shari’ah in Nigeria, 2004-Date, Secretary, Bauchi State Organising Committee For The 21st National Qur’anic Recitation Competition of Nigeria.
ATBU Chief Imam 2002-2009, period of seven years.

Some Letters of Appreciation/ Recommendation Received : Major General Muhammad Buhari (RTD) May 29, 2006, Muslim Corpers’ Association of Nigeria, National Headquarters, National Mosque Complex, 19th January, 2004, Alhaji Ahmad Sani (Yariman Bakura) Executive Governor of Zamfara State 4th April, 2006,. For effort in teaching Morality or Sincerity and dedicated towards his work and lastly the chief Imam of New RGU Mosque U.K
Personal Interests Devoting time in spreading knowledge and spend his vast majority of his time researching,writing, teaching and giving legal rulings. Dr Isa Pantami has many lectures on youtube in English, Arabic and Hausa. 1439145502_fantami


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