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Biography| Profile|History Of Ghanaian Female lawyer, TV Host, Entrepreneur Sandra Ankobiah

Sandra Ankobiah is best described as a promising young female lawyer, TV Host, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. Synonymous with a visionary Modern African Woman, her eyes and hands connect with a plethora of elements in the Business and Professional stratospheres, as she bases her success on her natural passions and the practicalities of having a professional career.

Ms Ankobiah, boldy emerged on the Fashion scene first, in 2000 at the age of 18 , when she featured in a countrywide campaign for GTP. Over time, Sandra has modeled for some of Africa’s greatest exports – Kofi Ansah, Duaba Serwa, Mina Evans, Mai Atafo, Wana Sambo, Vonne Couture, Pistis and Ophelia Crossland. She contested in the Miss Ghana Pageant in 2002, and emerged first runner up, narrowly missing the crown by two points! She went on to represent Ghana in the Miss Ecowas Pageant in December of the same year and came third! Her relationship with Fashion in Africa has since evolved, taking her experiences and inbred affection for the industry and spinning it into an Award Winning hit Fashion TV property, Fashion 101, which she launched in 2011.

A firm believer that education is the irreplaceable backbone of any society, Sandra committed good time and effort acquiring a strong and powerful post secondary education. Her choice was intriguingly but simply and smartly, Law. Sandra chose to study International And Commercial Law, with a specialisation in World Trade, from the University Of Buckingham (LLB, LLM) between 2005 and 2009 and then progressed to finish this off at the Ghana School Of Law from 2010 till 2012, qualifying with a Law Certificate and officially becoming a Barrister at Law in February of 2013.

Sandra’s options for Business have always stemmed from an innate desire to succeed, using her deepest passions as sturdy bannisters as she climbs up ladders across industries. For one, her interest in Law was borne out of her sheer fascination and natural affinity for resolving conflict and seeing the importance of her ability to do this successfully as a positive contribution to her close communities and the society at large. It was during her pupillage that she sealed her firm belief that, a professional career in Law would give her a lifetime of opportunities to improve the lives of others, whilst allowing her to evaluate the nature of human relationships. This skill translated very well into her TV production business – Emerald Productions.

As a natural Business Woman, Ms Ankobiah has seen the opportunity and translated her own practices, goals and visions as far as Media is concerned, into a prosperous business by co-founding SN Media Learning Tree, a top notch provider of practical media training in Accra.

As Ms. Ankobiah vehemently pursues her dreams, guided by a highly principled work ethic, she is consistently met with opportunities which allow her to grow her talent and which provide new challenges that tickle her desire to always compete with her own self. In 2013, the fast – paced, challenging nature of Live TV brought her this opportunity when she started to co – host New Day on TV 3. With the help of Ms Ankobiah’s attractive wit as one of its hosts, the show became one of Ghana’s most watched Morning Shows. New Day was yet another way for Sandra to express her views and principles, effortlessly showcasing her eagerness to listen and ask questions. Her clever combination of deep thoughts, wise words and clever actions allowed her to make a remarkable contribution to leading the way to bring interesting and much needed answers to 25 million Ghanaians each morning.

Also in 2013, Sandra took her grasp of Fashion and added a beautiful layer of philanthropy to it: by developing an initiative to auctioning off her bespoke pre-worn outfits – all used on her shows – to raise funds for the SOS Village in Tema, Ghana. An intelligent combination of ambition and philanthropy aptly called Fashion for Action. She is also the co-ordinator for The Legal Advocacy Foundation, an organisation that aims at educating the ordinary Ghanaian about their legal rights and obligations. Sandra’s initiatives are created right out of her own strongest beliefs, passions and visions.

In 2016, she was appointed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports as an ambassador for women’s football in Ghana. Sandra is excited about this role and is committed to raising funds increasing awareness and patronage of the women’s game and also their support base.

Sandra Ankobiah (Esq.) believes in many things. The most important, is in a simple mantra that she lives by – Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise – which may easily describe her unwavering focus, drive and determination to succeed in Africa and beyond.


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