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Billionaire businessman Femi Otedola joins twitter & describes himself as a husband first..

Temi, the daughter of billionaire oil mogul Femi Otedola, announced via her page that her father has officially joined twitter..

Otedola describes himself as a husband and father before listing other aspects on his profile.

“I am pleased to announce that I have finally joined Twitter. The importance of Twitter as a social utility cannot be overemphasized.  I understand I am a bit late to the party but better late than never. After receiving some lessons from my daughters, I decided it was time to connect with the world on a personal level. I look forward to joining the conversation, tweeting and retweeting a lot about the issues that are most dear to the populace and ofcourse keeping you updated on my activities. You can follow my handle @realfemiotedola

– Femi Otedola”


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