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BBNaija 2018: Alex’s mom cries as she begs Nigerians to vote for her daughter

The Big Brother Naija 2018 reality show keeps getting more interesting by the day and even more interesting is the elimination week.

The drama from housemates, their fans and family members who have taken to social media to show love to their favorite housemate is one to behold

Mother of new controversial BBNaija housemate Alex has taken to Instagram to beg Nigerians. Alex’s mom in her video disclosed that Nigerians should please overlook her daughter’s shortcomings and vote for her.

On her emotional behaviours(crying spree) being displayed in the house on Sunday, March 11, when Leo and Ifunnada were evicted from the house, Alex’s mom revealed that her daughter picked that up from her and appealed that she should be forgiven.

She said:
“Good evening my people, my name is Mrs Ebere Asogwa from Enugu state, Nigeria.

I am the mother of Alex who is currently in the Big Brother Naija house, she is my biological child and I raised her myself so I can tell a lot about her.

Alex is a very emotional person, when she gets angry and does not want to react, she cries it out just like me. She picked it from me.

Initially I was angry about the way she cried when Leo was evicted and I had to ask myself so many questions about what is happening but I answered the question myself.

All she did was picked from me, even as a mother when I get angry and I don’t want to be harsh on anyone I move to a corner and cry it out. Unfortunately there is no hiding place in BBNaija because there are cameras everywhere so you all see her crying all the time.

Please all of you that picked on her on the way she cried should please forgive her, I have forgiven her. She has apologized during her dairy session on Monday.

I forgave her in most ways that offended all of us because she has realized her mistakes.

At a time she was withdrawn from activities in the house but I thank God she has come back to her senses. I thank you all that have been voting and praying for her because this has kept her going thus far.

Ten people have gone but Alex is still there, we thank you all.”

Watch video here:

GOOD MORNING FAM❤❤❤ . . Trust you all had a lovely night rest because today is another beautiful day that the lord has made and it will surely be in our favor in Jesus Name . . . PASSIONATE APPEAL FROM MRS EBERE ASOGWA(Alex’s Mom) . . On behalf of Alex she hopes you all understand Alex and forgive her if she misbehaves in the house or shows her emotions a lot ,she believes Alex will get back to the energetic and vibrant girl she has always been and she is also thanking each and everyone of you for your support and contributions towards keeping her daughter in the house . . . LETS KEEP PUMPING IN THE VOTES FOR OUR GIRL ALEX💃💃 . REMINDER❗❗REMINDER❗❗REMINDER❗❗ . Voting Ends Today by 9PM,PLEASE LETS KEEP VOTING🙏🙏 . FOR ALEX!!WE DIE HERE . . Yes o,we are getting there ,let’s continue with the votes ,much love from team Alex gahnnn.u all we the real MVP . . We go HARDER THAN EVER TO GAIN OUR RESPECT AMONGST FANS! . Let’s VOTE and VOTE and VOTE and VOTE!!! . . Every phone number! Every friend! Every colleague! Everyone that comes near us VOTES! . . . ❗To Vote by SMS ,simply text “VOTE Alex” to 32052 .. . . ❗For Web and online voting visit (link in bio) . WE DIE HERE!! VOTING CONTINUES!! TEAMALEX!! GO-GETTER!! WE ALWAYS WIN!! . . PLEASE LETS KEEP ALEX IN THE HOUSE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 #alex #bbnaija #doublewahala . WE’RE MORE THAN CAPABLE! . . I BELIEVE IN OUR ABILITY!!! SMS.. Vote Alex to 32052 . . God bless you! #TeamAlex #Queenofthedancefloor #bbnaija #Teamcrybaby #love #hermothersdaughter #family #beautiful #motherslove . @ifuennada @vandora_vandora @bigbrother.naija__2018 @bigbronaija @chinnysblog @bensonokonkwo @federationtheatregroup @amebowithamacutiex @alex_unusualfanpage @unn.finest @lionzworch_ng @olorisupergal

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