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46-Year Old CEO Of “Havilah Divas” Slams Haters Who Criticized Her Decision To Show Skin In Short Shorts

CEO Havilah Divas is definitely not here for haters.

The 46-year old business woman took to IG to slam people who saw an issue with her flaunting her skin in short shorts.

She shared a dancing video with the post writing:

Reports coming to me!!!! That I offended some people by showing too much skin..
Is it your skin or your mother’s skin?
I put it to you dear Haters that the real thing paining your brains are;
1, You’re not as HOT as me.(46yrs plus Too much sauce)
2, You bodies have cellulite and stretch marks.
3,The yams at the back of your legs are nasty looking so u cant open them
4,Your bully husbands won’t even allow u because you’re in😂😂😂😂😂😂
5,Your confidence level is minus 0.
So deal with your nasty bodies and leave mine alone.
When I remember what you feel about me I suddenly remember what God feels about me I quickly trash yours for lawma to pack to be burnt..
#IamTwb Deal..
Posting a Dance in this outfit out..

Groovemode Activated!!!! This is dedicated to all the pharisees and saducces of my time.. Trust me and it's a promise I will make Heaven and alot of You Buba and wrapper wearing sisters won't.. Thank God It's all about the heart and not the appearance. Alot of you covering Holier than thou sisters hearts are worst than the devil, even the devil sits in amazement of your demonic ways.. Oya repent now for the Kingdom of God is at hand… Leave me in my shorts. Your closets have too many skeletons REPENT!!!(Go and bath with black soap Olodo slay Queens). What you feel about me is all entering voicemail. He loves me to pieces He is God all By Himself. He is not hiring Let me dance to this song I love so much.. Song by @wandecoal #46yrsplusHotMama #MotherOf3WiseMen #HeartOfPacifire

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