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4 simple ways to make small apartment comfortable and cozy

You don’t need tons of money to create comfort and coziness in a small apartment. The most important thing is to find the right decisions that will help make the interior comfortable and beautiful. In this post we will give you some valuable tips how to do that. Also, we want to mention that the best place to buy and sell real estate is Jiji, one of the largest marketplaces in Nigeria. Here you will find the widest range of offers from all across the country!

Divide space

You can make two rooms out of one-room apartment if you divide it into several zones. The only thing you should do is to plan space and think over how to put furniture right. For example, you can place a small sofa in one corner of the room, and a bed in the other. And visually divide interior by using curtains or a partition.

You should avoid massive cabinets, and choose convenient hanging cabinets that do not occupy a lot of space and have an airy look. Don’t forget about the corners of the room, you can make there a cozy place to relax and work, and even put a small dressing table.

Add some light

Well lit room always looks cozy. Therefore, if there is not enough light in the apartment, add some floor lamps and bras to the interior. But if it is not possible to place an additional light, hang a usual garland along the perimeter of the room or near the window. Don’t forget about candles and candlesticks – fire fills the interior of a favorable energy.




Make interesting accents

Coziness is not only correct furniture, but also additional details that can make the interior beautiful and alive. For example, in order to renew the kitchen design and make it more attractive, you can use funny posters.

Shelves with potted flowers can also be an interesting trick in the interior. Or you can use colorful paintings – they will definitely cause positive emotions.


Renew textile

Curtains are the main outfit of the room. And if you change the curtains, you will immediately change the interior. Note that bright curtains look much more comfortable than blinds of dark or colorful shades.

Despite the fact that in modern interiors they don`t use large carpets anymore, they still fill our home with warmth and coziness. Therefore, small rugs are appropriate for kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. The same thing applies to blankets, pillows and covers. The brighter they are, the more comfortable and attractive your apartment will look.


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