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Year 2016 Prophetic Blessing by Bishop David Oyedepo


What does 2016 hold for you?

“From Glory to Glory 2016”!
That Is My New Name….!
“From Glory To Glory ”
That Is Where You Are Going!

The year 2016 is declared a crisis free year for you.
A crisis free year in you family!
A crisis free year in your career!
A crisis free year in your spiritual walk!
No accident for you in the year 2016!

As you honour God by making your self available for Him, your life will never know backwardness!
One way I will know that you are spiritually active is by your active stewardship.
For everyone, as you pray for souls, also bring in at least one soul per month!

As you do that, God will keep adding value to your life.
Invest minimum 30 minutes in your prayer life for His kingdom(Mat. 6:33).

In 2016, Honour will follow you. What may never have been achieved in your life will be yours in 2016.

Every grace on this prophet will be manifesting in your life as you step out.

Because this church has never gone down, nothing in your life will be permitted to go down in your life, in your business and in your career!

As the Lord liveth, every one believing the Lord for the fruit of the womb, by the first quarter you shall be declared pregnant.

Because you belong to this Family tree, the Giant in you bounces to life. Giants give birth to giants.

You will be visited quietly for explosive result as He visited to announce the God of Wonder Double.bishop

Hold this prophetic Word tight. –
That you are not misfit!
Hold this tight-
You are not a disadvantage!
Hold this tight –
The greatest industrialist will emerge from the church!
Hold this tight-
Don’t let your colour devastate your faith. God has no colour.
We are ONE in the Kingdom of God; no matter your race or colour.
Go in Peace.
All through this month (Shiloh Month ) Glory To Glory shall be speaking in your life.
You shall manifest with a New Name In the GOD OF Glory To Glory In JESUS MIGHTY NAME..
Isaiah 62:2-3.

VIDEO: Bishop Oyedepo-Prophetic Cross Over Night Vigil/Feet Washing Service- Dec.31,2015-Jan.1,2016

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