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Who Is Tawa Ajisefini?| Tawa Ajisefini Biography|Tawa Ajisefini Profile|Tawa Ajisefini History| Meet Yoruba Actress Tawakaltu Ajisefini

Meet Yoruba actress Tawa Ajisefini, She’s is an up-and-coming dark in complexion lady from Osun State,  She has featured in a couple of Yoruba  home videos.

The Ibadan based Nollywood actress and producer, Tawa Ajisefini posted this pictures to start the 2017 Ramadan fasting, putting on nice Muslim wears. See the pictures below:

OMO LILE Movie Produced by Tawa Ajisefini Out May 9th, 2016.

This is a great movie Written and Produced by Tawa Ajisefinni and from the previous works she has done you definitely know the movie is a must watch for all homes. The movie stars Femi Adebayo,  Tawa Ajisefini,  Dele Odule, Taiwo ibikunle Lateef Adedimeji, Ojopagogo and many more… Marketer EPSALUM MOVIES

Check out the Synopsis
Omo Lile (the last assignment) is the story of a young man, Bisoye Tewogbade (Femi Adebayo) who struggles to quit nefarious activities and turn a new leaf. But the power that be, Chief Adediwura Smith (Dele Odule) prevailed against his decision. The more he try, the more he finds himself waxing stronger in dastard act. The issue becomes more complicate  when his ex lover Durodola Idris (Tawa Ajisefinni) surfaces from the blue. He vowed to carry out what he termed last assignment for the sake of love and mother of his only child

In this throwback interview below with SEYI SOKOYA, speaks on her fashion preference, and most embarrassing moment in the industry. Excerpts:

Growing  up.
I am the last in the family of four, but now three because I lost a sister two years ago. I live with my parents, I am in my late 20s. I had my primary education at the Poly Children School, Eleyele, Ibadan and I also had my secondary school education at Our Lady of Apostle Secondary School, also in Ibadan. Currently, I am waiting for my admission into the University to study Theatre Arts. I chose this course because I have already mastered the practical aspect. Tawa Ajisefini is a very friendly, young who loves to mingle with very good and intelligent people. I respect people a lot for who they are, but hate it when people try to take me for granted because I have a very small stature.

Foray into acting.
Initially, I never knew that I could act or become an actress because I had always desired to be a doctor right from my childhood. When I was in secondary school, I fell in love with acting while watching Yoruba movies. It was however, the movie titled ‘Ori’ which was produced by Muyiwa Ademola that made me decide to join the movie industry. With that determination, one thing led to another and I eventually found myself in the industry. I joined Ojopagogo Film School in 2003 and I thank God for the journey so far.

My relationship with Funke Akindele.
Immediately I graduated in 2006, I worked with Funke Akindele-Oloyede . I was her Personal Assistant (PA) for several years.   It was very awesome working with her. I learnt a lot from her as an up-and-coming actress. In fact, I believe that working with her gave me an edge above my peers in the industry. She is like a sister to me; In fact, she is my sister from another mother.  She has  assisted me beyond my imagination. She gave me a hand in the first movie I produced. She is a God- sent because she was ready to let me actualise my dream. I featured in her movies too. Our relationship is still intact because I have never stopped being her PA. It is just that I had to withdraw from her a little bit so that she could concentrate on her school of theatre.

Most embarrassing moment.
It was a day that would always linger in my memory. It was a day that made me sad. Few years back, I was punished because I was late to the location. That day, our boss,  Rassaq Olayiwola popularly known as Ojopagogo taught us some dancing steps. I did not get the dancing steps due to my lateness and one of our instructors asked me to kneel down in front of my fellow students of about a thousand and flogged me. He gave me four strokes of the cane despite the fact that I begged him repeatedly, I later went to one of the female toilets to weep, but I soon got over the beating because I saw it as one of the dues I had to pay in the industry and I thank God that it had become history today.

Sex for roles.
I thank God that I never experienced such. I take all men in the industry as my fathers and brothers, while they take me as their daughter or little sister.

Role models.
I have two role models in the industry and I am very proud to have them as my mentors. They are Femi Adebayo and Funke Akindele-Oloyede.

 Parental support.
Definitely, I have their support though I was given a condition by my mother. I had to sign an agreement before going into the industry that I would never misbehave or bring shame to the family. That is the reason I am very conscious of whatever I do because I am not ready to violate or go beyond my boundary in the industry in order not to allow my dream to be cut short.

Definition of style.
Style encompasses a lot of things. As an actress and someone that is into movie production, one is very conversant with fashion because one does a lot of blending of costumes. Also, I understand what fashion entails because I am also into costuming, especially when one is on set because your style or mode of dressing has to conform with your role. Style is something that women should not take with levity because it is one of the cogent things that portray us well amidst people.

 Beauty regimen.
I’m not too serious about that, I really love the way I am. I don’t apply too much of foundation on my face. I only ensure that I keep my face smooth and I always love my lips to make a statement.

Choice of accessories.
I’m a freak for shoes. I love them to a fault. Bags and dangling earrings are also my choice of accessories. My day is incomplete without them on me.

Accessories I can’t do without.
It remains my shoes. I can go to any length to have more of them.

Favourite colour.
Red. I cherish anything red. It is my best colour ever.

Favourite perfume.
Elizabeth Arden is my best perfume. I love it because it smells good and lasts long whenever I wear it.

Favourite fashion items.
I love native attires a lot and I love putting them on to parties, not that I am party freak, but I am more comfortable in native when I am going for events. The main gist is that I love putting on bogus things that would make my presence noticed.

What I won’t be caught dead wearing.
Bikini is the least of the fashion items I can be caught dead wearing. I don’t like it at all because it does not suit me.

Opinion on toning.
To me, I regard the idea as rubbish. I love the way I am created. I don’t have any reason to tone my colour. I have friends that tone, but as for me, it is a no go area, I cannot tone.

On cosmetic surgery.
I do not have a very good opinion on that because to me, it is arrant nonsense because God has created me well and I cannot afford to do such no matter how wealthy I am in the future. I will never try it. I think there are a lot of other fashion trends I can opt for that people will cherish on me than to damage my precious skin.

These are things I cannot do. Tattoo is a no go area as well. As I said earlier, I am not a fashion freak. I won’t go crazy because I want to impress myself or people. I love to remain simple and elegant. I don’t have any tattoo in any part of my body, either in my obvious or in my sensitive parts. Except for costumes, any tattoo you see on me is a costume and not a permanent tattoo. It is for the role I am given to play.

My hair and nails.
I go for hair styles that suit me and I like them long. For my nails, I love to keep then clean and fix them once in a while.

Greatest physical asset.
I cherish every part of my body because I definitely know I am perfectly created by God. I would say my boobs are my greatest physical asset, despite the fact that I have a small stature, I am endowed with it (Laughs…).

How I handle my male admires.
I can never do without my male admirers so, I handle them with care because in this world of ours, one has to be careful with men, especially as a celebrity, you cannot shy away from the fact that men will always knock at your door and want to be your fans or friends, but you have to be very careful and be able to define your relationship with them. So, I handle them with care and place them on a friendship level because I cannot avoid them. Meanwhile, I have more male friends than the female ones because the fact remains that male friends are reasonable, understanding and more caring. They don’t gossip like the females do and I love to be around them.
I am not into a relationship. I am not too small to have a relationship but at present, I am yet to have a relationship and I know soon, I will have one.

Tawa Ajisefini Birthday Pictures In 2013, Here are some pictures from the event:



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