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Who Is Onuigbo Oby Adaeze? | Biography | Profile| History Of Nollywood Teenage Actress Onuigbo Oby Adaeze

Nollywood Actress Onuigbo Oby Adaeze is a Nigerian teen actress Born on September 2.

She has acted alongside Nollywood stars such as Mercy Johnson, Ruth Kadiri, Queen Nwokoye, Oge Okoye, Ken Erics and many more.

On Her Last Birthday Her Mother celebrated her and wrote:
Happy birthday to u my angel,my pearl,my womb opener,my super star,each time I looked at you I remember no more the pains,the rejection and the tears of yesteryears.

Happy Sunday to you all #is all about parenting#a must watch for every family# #HOLYCUP MOVIES# #GRACE SPEAKS#

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Happy Sunday to everyone,may the love of God be with us all in JESUS NAME AMEN.❤❤❤💙💚💛💓

A post shared by Onuigbo Oby Adaeze (@onuigboobyadaeze) on

May the good Lord continue to bless you, I only ask for his grace upon ur life,u r a voice unto your generation. I LOVE YOU

Meet adara doing it on the set of SPIRIT OF ANGER…AMAZON PRODUTION…. #your grace Lord# #it must surely end in praise#

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Still on boski"s mindset ……the journey begins.. #grace isonlybyhisgrace#

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