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Who Is Michael Ozigbo? | Biography | Profile| History Of Michael Ozigbo Aka NazB

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“Michael Ozigbo” Aka “NazB” is taking the world by storm with his brand of new-school hip-hop with an international message.

Hailing from Zurich Switzerland, born in Nigeria. NazB has travel round the world and turning the volume up everywhere he goes.

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As a young boy being raised by the streets of Nigeria, Michael gained a reputation of having incredible talent in the art of rap. He soon began to demonstrate his skills anywhere there was a listening ear.

NazB performed his brand of international new-school hip-hop at venues in various countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Ivory Coast, The Netherlands, UK,Germany,Nigeria and local Switzerland clubs.

In turn, the audiences devoured it as if it were a delicious meal that can also fill up the soul. In 2006, NazB’s debut album had been carefully crafted using top-notch beats that were intricately fused with American and European ingredients alike.

Recorded entirely in Switzerland, his album combined these refreshing selections of instrumentation with his expressive lyrical content.

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