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Who Is Iya Rainbow? | Biography| Profile| History Of Nigerian veteran actress, producer Idowu Philips popularly Called Iya Rainbow


Idowu Philips popularly known as Iya Rainbow, is a Nigerian veteran actress, producer and wife of the late Nigerian playwright, Hubert Ogunde.

Early Life

Born to Prophet Jacob Adebanjo Ifemade and Mrs Ifemade in 1969,  Iya Rainbow attended African Methodist School and Anglican Modern School respectively. Later, she was admitted to a nursing school and upon graduation, worked for 20 years as a nurse before quitting for acting.

When it comes to acting in Nigeria, no doubt, Iya Rainbow knows her onions as she has acted in several Yoruba movies and soaps on television. She has won local and international awards that are too numerous to mention. Iya Rainbow recently clocked 75 years.

Though, Iya Rainbow said she’s fulfilled in life as a mother and a notable person in the society, however, she still misses that presence of her husband, Mr. Philip who she lost in  after their marriage.

mama rainbow

Acting Career

Iya Rainbow quit nursing for acting at the age of 45 with the stage name Iya Rainbow stemming from “Osumare” (meaning Rainbow in British English), the name of the theatre group of her late husband, Sir Hubert Ogunde who died in 1990.


She ventured into full-time acting after her husband died and has featured in several Nigerian films including ApaadiEru, and Aje ni iya mi among others.


The movie, Asiri Nla first kicked Iya Rainbow into limelight. She has featured in over 500 movies in her movie career.

Movies She Has Acted

Aso Funfun

Aje Meta


Oba Adegboro

Eni Akoko


Ayo Ojokan

and others


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