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Who Is Emeka Amakeze ?| Biography| Profile| History Of Nollywood Actor Emeka Amakeze

Emeka Amakeze is an Anambra-born Nollywood Actor and scriptwriter.

Emeka Amakeze hails from Nimo in Njikoka Local Governemt Area, Anambra State, Nigeria. He was formerly Mr NYSC (National Youth Service Corp) Ekiti State.

Emeka Amakeze had his Bachelors Degree in Linguistic from the prestigious Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka. His secondary school education was completed at Queens Apostle Secondary School, Okigwe while he attended High Court Primary School, Okigwe for his primary school education.

Emeka’s upright nature earned him the post of the Student Union President.


However, Emeka had his debut appearance in the movie ‘Royal Package’ in the year 2004 after which he has been featuring in many interesting movies Missing Child 1&2, Maidens, Bride War, Caroline Shoes and many more. Emeka Amakeze & Angela OkorieEmeka Amakeze & Yvonne Jegede Strike Sexy Pose togetherEmeka Amakeze and wife


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