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Who Is Chinenye Nnebe? | Biography | Profile | History Of Nollywood Actress Chinenye Nnebe

Meet Nollywood fast rising actress, and daughter of movie producer Uche Nancy, Chinenye Nnebe Chinenye who finished her Secondary School from St. Augustine’s College, has featured in movies such as, Save the Baby, Proof of Life, The Seed, Fulton mansion, Gallant Babes, Living Nightmare (Saraphina), Voice of a Mother (Purity), World of Lust, Mother’s Heart and others.

Chinenye Nnebe (played the role of young Dr Zara)

Chinenye Nnebe played the role of young Dr Zara (that’s me) in the movie : DRY. There were flashback scenes where my character had to remember her past and some difficult things she had been through. Young Dr Zara was raped and lost her family at some point.





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