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Who Is Antoniette Audream? Biography | Profile| History Of “Caroline Danjuma’s Ex Husband Side Chic” Antoniette Audream

“ANTOINETTE AU’DREAM is an Atlanta based stripper/prostitute/escort/porn star. Rumoured to be born male, this transgender relies on sleeping with uneducated men who would not know the difference or have the knowledge of possible procedures he/she has undergone. He/she also claims her sister’s sons as her own to dupe men for “school fees”.

He/she met Terry Waya & flies to Abuja to be pimped to anyone. Rumour has it he/she went to Arizona with Musa Danjuma. I guess Danjuma can really take his prick to any hole, even if it’s a tucked one.”Caroline Danjuma & Antoniette Audream

This disgusting thing has been coming to Nigeria to open it’s legs for any man willing to drop $1000 into his tucked crotch. Not only does she lie to men about her gender, she tries to coerce them into funding her imaginary rap career when she looks like a 45 year old male with a wig & needs to smooth every inch of her body from excessive scarring off bad plastic surgery. Why would anyone import this overused cum dumpster from the U.S.?

Musa Danjuma is quite possibly the most disrespectful husband in all of Nigeria. Not only is he shameless enough to be flying his prostitutes into the city where his family is based, but after being exposed last time with Charisse Mills, you would think he would respect himself. We may not agree with Caroline Danjuma for sticking around or fighting side chicks, but at the end of the day what is a woman really to do after having kids with a man & investing her entire youth in one randy man?

Nigeria will surely set a precedent & make a serious example out of Musa Danjuma. I urge everyone to be aware, if you ever spot him out anywhere, take note of who he is with, take a picture; our society should make his social life a living hell. Poor Caroline Danjuma that put up a strong front but was forced off of social media after this stunt from Musa where the public disgrace was too much to handle. She went under the knife for him meanwhile he has a fetish for trannies!


He is known to not use protection & is spreading diseases into our country! He is bringing in transgenders now to aid in promoting homosexuality, foreign prostitution, Terry Waya & Musa Danjuma are the societal cesspool & major problem in Nigeria.

Quilox waslitI came to Fuk shit up #lagos #lagosnigeria #nigeria #hoilday

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Women may be silly whores opening their leg for peanuts but the major issue starts from the men.


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