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How President Muhammadu Buhari Reacted To Nnamdi Kanu’s Case During the Media Chat?

buharis-presidential-media-chat3President Muhammdu Buhari on Wednesday declared that people like the former National Security Adviser under ex-President Jonathan, Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd) do not deserve bail.

Muhammadu Buhari was reacting to a question from Premium Times journalist Ibanga Isine during his first presidential media chat on Wednesday in Abuja

Isine was bringing the President’s attention to rising criticisms against his government for alleged violation of judicial processes, the rule of law and court orders as seen in the cases of the former DG of the State Security Services (SSS), Mr. Kayode Are, detained Biafra activist, Nnamdi Kanu and the former NSA Sambo Dasuki.

In his reaction, Muhammadu Buhari, fighting to conceal his anger noted that people like Sambo Dasuki and Nnamdi Kanu do not deserve bail because of the weight of atrocities they have committed.

“If you see the kind of atrocities people like Dasuki committed you won’t give them bail. A former President told Dasuki to collect N40 billion. N40 billion. And you want to give him bail to go and see his doctor in London? Do you know that Nnamdi Kanu has two passports and he came into the country without using any? Do you know that Nnamdi Kanu brought a sophisticated equipment into the country for Radio Biafra? What kind of government do you people want?” the President fumed.

Buhari maintained that he is not worried about the agitation and said the people claiming to be marginalised have not defined how they are being marginalised

”Why does it have to worry me, when I have militants, Boko Haram and other. They said they are being marginalsed but they haven’t defined the extent of their marginalisation. Who marginalised them? How? Where? Do you know?,” he queried.

Buhari further said he is obliged by the constitution to chose ministers from each state.
”Who is the minister of state for petroleum, is he not Igbo? Who is the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria? Is he not Igbo? Who is minister of labour, science and technology? What do the Igbos want?,” he questioned.
The president revealed that Nnamdi Kanu has both a Nigerian and a British passport and did not use either in entering the country.“There’s a treasonable charge against Kanu and I hope the court will listen to the case against him. Do you know Kanu brought in sophisticated weapon into the country?.The president called on the media to do more investigative journalism so as to unravel the truth.

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