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What kind of government is this? By Obawusi Obafemi

1935478_991716077556909_5512178394163377022_n Article Written By Obawusi Obafemi

APC are group of fraudulent fellows. What kind of government is this? Fraudsters parading as Angels.
This is what you get when you foist a dictator come clown on a population of 160 million.. the clown of daura has stolen the budget since he asked for it peacefully and they refuse to give it to him, so he send his Daura Secret Service (DSS) to steal it an teach them who is the boss.. haha… APC have just added another page in Nigerian history, we all should remember that in this day,, a president presented a budget which he didnt understand and when confronted with the fact, he ask for the budget to be returned back to him, failure which he send his men to steal the budget by force.. A complete joke called a country.


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