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1959396_310337712484102_3544723985647086627_n Big Brother “Hotshot” has being going on for over two weeks now and the game which seem to have lost some spark and excitement due to multiple controversies leading to the opening show, is still gathering momentum. The show is still warming its way into the hearts of Ghanaians who seem to have little interest for this particular season because the two housemates representing Ghana were picked from South Africa instead of the original Ghanaians who queued for audition in Accra.

Nonetheless, the two Ghanaian representatives Musician Kacey and Fashion Designer M’am Bea are not doing badly at all in the house having survived two nominations already.

The most controversial and most expensive part of the game “Shower Hour” which has been part of the show from the first season till date is also going.

However, most housemates prefer to take their shower with their underwear on unlike previous seasons and both male and females share the same bathroom like previous seasons and they are very much aware that it will be broadcasted to the whole of Africa.viewerdiscretion2

The “Shower hour” and uncut videos can only be seen exclusively on a special section on the Big Brother website “BBVIP” where viewers have to pay extra to be able access the videos from the shower hour and this is the disclaimer by BBA producers “Housemates, decisions, actions and opinions are their own and are not representatives of Big Brother producers, broadcasters, sponsors and affiliates, their countries and/or communities”. This is shown before any of the uncut video begins.

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