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Video: How CCT Chairman lost his Temper & Threaten to Hold Bukola Saraki’s Lawyer in Contempt

Justice Danladi-Umar

Justice Danladi-Umar

The Code of Conduct Tribunal Chairman Justice Danladi Umar has threatened to hold one of Bukola Saraki‘s lawyers in contempt of court.

It began after the Chairman dismissed Saraki’s motion for him to disqualify himself from the case. As he ordered the continuation of the trial, one of Saraki’s lawyers stood up to say that Umar should at least listen to the motion. He went to to say that the motion was filed because “there are too many cloudy things about your (Umar) relationship with the EFCC”

Umar ordered the lawyer to sit down several times, but his orders fell on deaf ears, until he threatened to hold him in contempt of court.

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