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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan : We will support the free army in full force Jarablos

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Turkish President pointed out that the Turkish people want to activate the application of the death Alaaadam- archival
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said the military operations area Jarablos Syrian carried out by the Free Syrian Army, “and we support all our strength,” stressing that Gaziantep will not bow to terrorist organizations, “They know how to battling terrorists”, also he expressed his intention to reconcile with each the wish to do so in order to ensure stability and peace in the region.

Erdogan said in a public speech in Gaziantep, Turkey, Sunday, that Turkey “will not bow to any tricks .. will not be able to Trdjoa this people and this state games these terrorist organizations, Gaziantep best example of this ..”.

He continued: “Look at what happened in Jarablos .. I’ve been cleared of terrorists has been returned to its inhabitants,” and stressed that “the Free Syrian Army is the military operations in Jarablos and we support all our strength.”

Turkish President also praised the Gaziantep citizens who have recently suffered a suicide attack was carried out by one of the elements of state regulation in a wedding halls and behind the killing of 54 people, 0.34 of them children, said: “This people people Mujahid We in Gaziantep, we the people will not give in to these frugal honor We will not give in now before or after .. “.

He continued: “Gaziantep will not bow not to the PKK nor the state organization .. tell them Snrgem terrorist organizations to get out ..”.

“The Aleppo under 5 years since the attack from 7 countries,” and added: “No Aleppo and Gaziantep Strdkh to these countries .. or terrorism.” And he went on: “Gaziantep shine and grow stronger after each attack .. and you know how struggling .. criminals know how to be at the heart of one man’s terrorism generally.”

Erdogan pointed out that the terrorists were “two days before the shooting at us, and now they are fleeing and our military hero chased ..”.

Erdogan calls on Gulen’s followers to leave him

Turkish president called on the followers of the parallel entity leader, Fethullah Gulen, to leave him and said: “I say to all state employees, anymore this liar who lives in Pennsylvania, you have to Ttrkoh, the you refuse the people’s will for each of the walks behind this liar competent authorities .. “He continued:” I will not walk with these liars, because they betrayed the homeland .. “.

He stressed that Turkey would not let the blood of its martyrs and Msvuka avenge them, stressing that “our state will be along with the families of martyrs and wounded …”

Turkish President pointed out that the Turkish people want to activate the application of the death penalty, revealing that “Parliament will discuss this issue,” and explaining that “a lot of countries around the world are using the death penalty will not surrender to terrorism.”

Erdogan stressed that “there is no difference between the PKK and the state organization and the organization of Fethullah Gulen They are all terrorists.”

We shall clear the military and security establishment of the followers of Gulen

Turkish president did not miss the opportunity to pay tribute to the army and the Turkish security officers who foiled coup attempt carried out by elements of the Mhassoba organization Fethullah Gulen in the army, the middle of July last, said: “The police and army are fighting against terrorism with courage and faith, even if we attacked dozens of terrorists They will not succeed. ”

He continued: “We are the military establishment of the clearing lurking within it, and it is still valid, and we shall clear the security establishment.”

The face of Erdogan’s appeal to what he described as “infiltrators”, saying: “either to escape these Almendson or Nkrjhm and Nstosalhm as doctor excised tumor cells .. Snstosalhm of the body of the state even longer be valid ..”, pointing out that Turkish officials they started their contacts with officials across the world and told them: “It’s either us or the other terrorist .. (Fethullah Gulen).”

Proceedings of reconciliation

Turkish President also expressed his intention to reconcile with all those who wish in order to ensure stability and peace in the region, said: “We are ready for war, and if a reconciliation wanted to, we are ready, because we want peace and security and stability in this region and the country.”

He continued: “We must do what we must in order to clear the area and our borders from terrorism, we are determined to eliminate it, and will not be complacent, and we will continue our military operations against terrorism, and against Daesh in Syria and Iraq, and we will support all contribute to eliminate these terrorist organizations, so we are in Jarablos and Ba’shiqah. ”

Tricks of state regulation will not fool us

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that “the terrorist organization Daesh does not belong to Islam .. and its elements are exploiting the name of God, but the trick will not fool us and the sun will shine on what we would have spent on terrorism and our state are stronger ..”.

He pointed out that “the world is now facing the most deadly terrorist organizations was not a coincidence that we face more than a terrorist organization at the same time ..”.

Turkish president vowed to organize “My Kaka,” saying that he will pay for all massacres carried out in Turkish territory .. He continued: “Long live hell for oppressors .. Terrorists will burn with fire that Aoukdunha ..”.



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