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Top Nigeria’s Social Media Icons: 10 Nigerian Celebrities With The Most Social Media Followers

3. Dbanj


Now from a social media influence perspective you wouldn’t expect Dbanj to have a lot of followers seeing as he’s relatively quiet on those platforms. However it’s hard to argue against the fact that Dbanj is one of the biggest names in African entertainment. His twitter numbers are at 982k (just under a million), facebook at 1.1 million and instagram at 76k.

2. Davido


Nigerian artist of the year? Debatable but it’s hard to argue that he has a ridiculous following on social media with just about 1 million on  both twitter, and facebook, and about 408k on instagram. Plus he never shies away from telling it as it is which gets him to trend pretty often.

1. WizKid


At number 1, and having the largest following on social media is the Star Boy himself, WizKid. He has the most twitter followers of any Nigerian celebrity at 1.3 million, his facebook is at just under 1 million, and instagram at 412k. WizKid always seems to be in the news, and a good number of times it comes from one of his social media outlets. He’s always posting, and every now and then will put out that controversial update that makes the blog headlines.




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