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Top Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji Slammed With N75 Million Tax Bill By FIRS


With N500 Million Banana Island Luxurious Mansion: Top Blogger Linda Ikeji Hit With N75 Million Tax Bill, Denies Ownership

Mischief makers are at their worst again. Like predatory locusts swarming on a bean farm, they have gathered to pierce at the jugular of Linda Ikeji, the celebrity blogger.

No sooner did the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) swoop on Linda’s Banana Island home than her traducers march to town chanting victory songs.
Too many of her readers are ecstatic about her recent ordeal in the hands of the FIRS.

According to a source in the FIRS, the celebrity blogger had been evading tax payment, which has amounted to the whooping sum of N75 Million.
However, when asked about the purchase of the house, it was disclosed that Linda blatantly denied ownership of the N500 Million luxurious mansion which she allegedly purchased in 2015.

Linda’s denial of ownership of the edifice resonated as the sweet melody to her detractors, many of whom she had consciously or unconsciously angered by persistent news of her professional and financial success.
Foes of Linda are hauling invective at her like lances claiming she is a big fraud who gloried in misleading the public about the ownership of the building and her actual financial status.
Many of them are of the opinion that Linda should have simply come clean and make everyone understand that she is just a tenant in the building.

Linda’s critics are not ready to soft-pedal on her; they are vigorously attacking Linda every minute and condemning her for the way she openly bragged about the purchase of the building in 2015.