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#Throwback Picture: Senator Dino Melaye in 1994 before he became a politician

12800243_484643735056541_5882434080637930316_n In picture is Dino Melaye in 1994 before he became a politician. Anyway, his lifestyle is not our business. But our concern should be how he suddenly became rich overnight when he is not into any known business apart from politics.

Do you know the product Dino is manufacturing that made him extremely rich?

Please tell us if you know because we want to start buying that product as well to make him even richer since the product would certainly be Made-in-Nigeria.

Please note that this picture was supplied by his uncle who is in the same party with him. You know who his uncle is? If you do not know, Dino’s uncle is Osho-Omo-Ole, the governor who paid dowry in US Dollars using Edo state taxpayers’ money, but his party (All Promises Cancelled) is denying you the opportunity of paying your school fees, which is also in US Dollars.



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