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Theresa May Officially becomes Britian’s Prime Minister appoints Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary & Philip Hammond as Chancellor

90380005_033006205 Theresa May officially becomes Britian’s Prime Minister and immediately made a bold statement by appointing Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary.

Mrs May set to work on Wednesday evening by making several Cabinet appointments, including replacing George Osborne with Philip Hammond as Chancellor.

Amber Rudd took Mrs May’s old position as Home Secretary, while Michael Fallon was kept on as Defence Secretary.

David Davis took on the new brief of Minister for Brexit. After her formal appointment by the Queen, Mrs May promised to lead a “one-nation” government dedicated to social justice and making “Britain a country that works for everyone”.

Alluding to the tough negotiations that lie ahead over Britain’s exit from the European Union, she said, “we face a time of great national change”.

But she said Britain would “rise to the challenge” and forge “a bold new positive role” in the world.

  • Theresa May is the country’s new Prime Minister
  • Boris Johnson appointed Foreign Secretary
  • George Osborne sacked, replaced by Philip Hammond
  • David Davis appointed Brexit Secretary
  • Amber Rudd appointed Home Secretary
  • Michael Fallon will continue as Secretary of State for Defence
  • Liam Fox to head a new department for international trade



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