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The Expensive Lifestyle of Zahra Buhari Uncovered

photo Here show the Uncovered details of the expensive lifestyle of Zahra Buhari, one of the daughters of APC 2015 Presidential Candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari.

Contrary to the impression being created by General Muhammadu Buhari that he is a poor, humble, modest and incorruptible former Head of State, the lifestyle of his children, notably Zahra Buhari – a Medical Microbiology student of the University of Surrey, United Kingdom, speaks otherwise.

Investigative reports show that Buhari may have spent about £150,000 in the past four years on just Zahra who is one of his several daughters, with her tuition alone gulping about £64,000 and £86,000 spent on accommodation, travels and other living expenses in the UK. This, when converted to Naira, amount to about N40 million. For a man who claims to have only 150 cows and N1 million in his bank account, this lavish and expensive lifestyle doesn’t add up.

Early on Tuesday, Zahra created a stir on Twitter when some nicely photo-shopped photographs of her were released online. She is also spotted in one of the pictures on a shopping spree with a friend in a shop on London High Street.

Zahra Buhari and a friend on a shopping spree | Photo: LindaIkeji Blog

Zahra Buhari and a friend on a shopping spree | Photo: LindaIkeji Blog

Zahra is also seen in a video during her sister Halima’s wedding to Babagana Sherrif, allegedly a son of former Bornu State Governor, Ali Modu Sheriff – a man the APC has described as a funder of Boko Haram. At the wedding, media reports show that Ali Modu Sherrif received the bride, Halima Buhari on behalf of the groom.

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