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Ten (10 ) Types Of Friends You Must Avoid/Delete/Disconnect In order To Make Progress In Your Life

Friendship Day Emotional Sad Poems That Will Make You Cry, Friendship Day Sad Poems, Emotional Sad Friendship Day Poems, Friendship Day Broken Heart Poems (1) To attain success in life there are rules to follow. Every steps you take matters a lot and every friend you make matters too. Like they say “show me your friends and i will tell you who you are”. The friends you keep are simply a mirror of you. This list shows the list of friends to avoid to attain success in life.

1. The Retrogressive: This person never wants your progress. Even the little success you have attain before meeting him/her, he slowly and steadily drag you down. This type of friend neither discuss something of importance nor give you good advice. please avoid them.

2.The Envious: This Category is The Most Poisonous on the list, Most times they grew up together with you in the same village/home town or city. When you are making it they are angry. They dont want you to go up, they don’t want you to go down either, they just want you to be stagnant.

3. Victims: The list will be incomplete without this set of people. They are always involved in one trouble or the other. If they are not robbed today, they will be thrown in cell for unknown crime tomorrow thereby affecting you in one way or the other. If the mother of their sister in-law no die today, tomorrow it might be their great grand father “oh boy you go go party tire ooo”. Half of the salary you earn will be spent on this type of friend, the best thing is to avoid them.

4. The Gossiper: We all know what gossip means. If that friend of yours gossips a lot the best thing is to leave him/her. You will not move forward with that kind of person around you.

5. The stingy: This person is just like the predator just that he/she may not put all of his burdens on you, they still take from you but will never give you a dime. They never believe in give and take. When you are broke dont bother falling back on them. Na OYO you dey.

6. The Proud: These set of friends are kind of arrogant. He/she have high opinion of himself. This people are the most brilliant, the richest even if dem get nothing for pocket. They make you feel inferior.

7. Predators: They are ever broke. When you board bus together, they always want you to pay for their t.fair. When you go to Iya Basira to eat, you will be the one to pay for their meal. When you are broke, they are nowhere to be found but once the month end, trust me they will visit. If you see this kind person, run for your life. They are tick on the body of a dog.

8. The backbitters: They praises you when you are there. They make you feel like you’re the best thing that has happened to them but behind you is the inverse.

9. Liars: They never say the truth. To them, the truth is the most expensive thing which they never can afford.

10. The troublemaker: These type of people derives pleasure in causing trouble. These set of friends are “hooligans”. Why should a reasonable and ambitious person associates him or herself with this kind of person in the first place, if you are, is never too late to let go.




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