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Supercar driver chases after teen who smashed his windscreen with a skate board after he ran a stop sign and nearly hit him  

Footage of this incident has divided the internet as to who  should be blamed. According to the person who recorded the video, the driver of a $250K McLaren MP4-12C drove through a stop sign and caused a young skater to fall off his skateboard. The driver beeps his horn and yells at the boy who is in no mood for it so he smashes the car’s windscreen with his skateboard and runs off.
Filming vertically, he missed the actual moment the teen hurled his skateboard at the window, although the sound of the smash can clearly be heard.
YouTube user Paul Gonzo recorded the incident which unfolded in Denver.
As Mr Gonzo explains: ‘I was catching a video of the sunset saw this McLaren run a stop sign and make a kid fall off his skateboard. You can hear the skateboard in the video. The passenger of the McLaren yelled something at him and the next thing I heard was a smash! The windshield was completely shattered.
‘Kid took off running and the passenger ran after him. No idea what ended up happening after the car drove off. I guess the lesson here is don’t run stop signs!’

The video has now gone viral receiving over 750,000 views after it was posted on social media.


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