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What’s The Name Of Your State in Nigeria? Map of Nigeria and List Of All 36 States & Their Capital

nigeria-political-map What’s The Name Of Your State in Nigeria? 

All States in Nigeria are led by a governor who is elected in a general election. Each state also has a house of assembly whose members are also elected from zones in the state.

States are also divided into Local Government Areas which are led by elected Local Government Chairmen. States in Nigeria were formed out of regions which were in use during the pre and post-independence periods when Nigeria was a federation of three regions: Northern, Western, and Eastern regions. The regions were made up of provinces which had been in place since colonial times.

In 1963, two provinces were split from the Western Region to form the new Mid-Western Region and in 1967 the formal state structure was established, by a military decree, and the regions were replaced by 12 states. In 1976, seven new states were created bringing the total to 19 states and in 1987 two new states were created, followed by another nine states plus the Federal Capital Territory with Abuja as its capital. This brought the total number of states to to 30 and in 1996, an additionally six states were created which increased the number of states in Nigeria to 36.

See List Of All 36 states in Nigeria & Capital Below:





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