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Singers Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Getting Back Together? ‘Some Feelings Just Don’t Go Away’


Things aren’t great between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez after their war of words on Instagram, but don’t count out reconciliation completely. These two clearly can’t quit each other — and their feelings for one another still haven’t gone away, a new report claims. Will they get back together?!

“They have a rocky relationship,” an insider tells E! News, regarding Justin Bieber, 22, and Selena Gomez, 24. “They were very in love at one point and went through a lot and some feelings just don’t go away.”

Despite these feelings, the two haven’t reconciled romantically in a while, but there’s a reason. “[Justin] has made attempts in the past to show Selena he cares for her, but the timing hasn’t been right. Justin has been seeing a few different girls.” Meanwhile, a second source points out that Sel has been super busy traveling on tour, so the exes “haven’t seen each other” in quite some time. So, they’re definitely not getting back together right now — but let’s not rule out something in the future completely!

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Clearly, these two still think about one another — they wouldn’t have gotten into a back-and-forth battle on his Instagram photo with Sofia Richie, 17, if there wasn’t still somethingthere.

“Selena’s jealous,” Us Weekly also reported. It’s obviously hard to see your ex spending so much time with another girl, so we can’t totally blame Sel for acting out. Plus, she later admitted that her post calling Justin out for threatening to make his Instagram private was “selfish and pointless.”

Still, Justin followed through on his promise to get rid of the social media account if fans didn’t stop attacking Sofia — in fact, he deleted his Instagram altogether! Since then, both the Biebs and Selena have pretty much been radio silent, and he was reportedly ignoring all of her apology phone call attempts. Hopefully they’ve worked it out by now!


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