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Showbox similar apps to watch videos, movies on Android/ipad/iphone


Playbox Hd App :

A rising app where you can expect all the features which are available in showbox app. Playbox is one of the best alternative app to showbox, Because it got features similar to showbox like hd quality viewing, streaming movies to T.v through chromecast and many more.

Playbox for Android,

Playbox for iPad/Iphone

Movie Box App :

Moviebox is a free movie app which I would recommend. Similar to showbox this app got decent features. It got unlimited old and new movies collection. All movies are displayed with ratings and subtitles. You can enjoy watching movies and stream tv shows in different quality Hd, Low, Medium, 360 p, 480 p, 720 p. This app is available for only iOS platform ie for only iPad/iPhone.

Download showbox similar app Moviebox for iOS devices

Sky Hd app :

This app is my favorite showbox alternative app. It is developed by Hd cinema app developers. This app got decent interface and huge database collection of all latest Hd movies and tv streams. You can enjoy watching unlimitedly latest Hd movies with this streaming app Sky hd.

Download Sky Hd app for Android

Crackle App :

Without any discussions you can confirm this is best alternative to showbox app. This awesome app got huge collection of movies and tv shows currently this app has 20-30 millions of active users. This app got a feature where you can create a watchlist and can view those movies later. Crackle app is available for both Android and iphone/iPad.

Download crackle app for android.

Download crackle app for iPad/iPhone.

Hulu App :

Hulu app also contains huge database of movies and T.v shows. You can create watchlist of movies to watch your favorite movies later. It also supports streaming of shows and movies for free ie.. you can also chromecast all desired movies to watch on T.v or to external device.

Download Hulu app for android.

Download Hulu app for iPad/iPhone.

Megabox Hd and Movie Hd App :

These two are similar apps like showbox which gives you updated latest movies and tv shows for free in Hd. You can expect best navigation and interface. Hit here to find more details

Megabox Hd App download for Android

Movie Hd app download for Android

Hubi App Download :

Hubi streaming and download app is also a best alternative for showbox. It has a decent navigation. You can understand each and every clearly in this app. This app got wonderful collection of videos, movies, Tv shows where you can watch it online or offline. Additionally Hubi app tracks your recent visits and remember for future usage this app also got advanced download manager where you can save your download list for copying, transferring, downloading, deleting etc… Hubi streaming app is available for android hit the below links to download for your smartphones.

Download Hubi Streaming and Download App for Android

MovieTube :

MovieTube is an another similar showbox app where i definitely need to make a discussion. This app got huge database of Hd collections. Not only Hd Videos, Hd Movies it also got a huge collection of T.V Shows. Interestingly movietube shows and movies can be watched on any devices like Windows Pc, Mac Pc, Android smartphones. Get it from Movietube official support page. However I’m providing link for movietube app apk file for android. You can expect good interface and handy performance with this showbox alternative app.

Download Movietube App for Android

Popcorn Time :

Popcorn time is a movie app designed for all the devices specially linux, iOS, Android. You can enjoy unlimited movies and tv shows here. This app got movies in different qualities such as Hd, 720, 480, 360. Select of your own and start watching movies with popcorn time app.

Popcorn time for Android

Popcorn time for iOS 7.

Popcorn time for Linux

Cartoon Hd App :

This app got huge response in United kingdom. This app is mainly used to watch cartoon shows. And totally this app also got latest movies and t.v shows to watch on ios device. Not that much effective as showbox still you can enjoy watching unlimited movies and T.v Shows.

Download Cartoon Hd app for iOS device.

So far we have identified many similar apps like showbox here we successfully rendered top rated best showbox alternative apps and similar apps like showbox app basis on users satisfaction.



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