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Shocking encounter with a ‘fetish man’ in a Lagos bus this morning

kombi-buses-lagos-nigeria Someone Shares This Tragic Ordeal below: “I was on my way to obalende from yaba bustop this morning at about 10:30. I got into a registered commercial yellow and black vehicle seated calmly on the second row I was the third person on the sit only for one dark tall man to enter he completed the vehicle and we left. Immediately he entered he just started making me uncomfortable by placing his left shoulder on my body. I tried talking to him nicely because I dont like problems hoping he would reason with me, he just simply said he had no where to rest his arm hmmm i kept quiet hoping the journey would soon be over and i would go my way no it was just the begining, he continued in the same light and it even got worse,even the pregnant lady beside me thought i was purposely resting on her but i told her the man beside me was responsible for all the problem this man kept moving closer and mind you he was on a seperate sit.

When we were approaching obalende via sura the road was bad and really bumpy,i looked at him again trying to understand why he didnt have enough space on the other side,i just didn’t understand it,cos i saw that he had enough space.

We were close to our alighting point cos its not an official bus/stop i then noticed something was pressing hard on the lower part of my stomach immediately i looked it was the man’s two fingers,What!!! I started screaming at the top of my voice asking him what he was trying to do  at this point it seemed like i cut short what he was trying to achieve.he wasnt he’s usual arrogant self when i started shouting i grabbed hes shirt,and i kept asking him what he wanted to do and as i was pulling him(i started pleading on the blood of jesus to destroy whatever hes plans were) the conductor opened the door and everybody started going down when he noticed nobody was really joining me or trying to fight for me he started shouting too asking me why i was shouting on him,even called me mad..i wanted to go into the police station there at obalende to lodge a complaint and probably get him arrested (cos he entered a shop probably out of fear and sat there of cos those ones let him sit without asking questions even one yoruba woman there was laughing)but it hit me hard when i realised where i was. Am in tears as i type this cos we live in an environment where no one cares.what if i had collapsed there? What if he had succeded cos i know he didnt and he can’t, what if i didnt catch hes fingers on my stomach? ,cos i know the fact that i caught him spoilt he’s plan, What was he’s plan? Why are we so wicked in this country? Ok If anyone thinks hes a pervert why would he use just ‘TWO’ fingers to press my tummy hard.

What hurt me the most was that the people in the bus just acted like i was a mad young lady, even the pregnant lady beside me she just kept mute it was only one guy that tried to let me know that God had taken over.

We need to change our attitude in this country especially in lagos be your brothers keeper pls it could be ur sister,mum,daughter or wife next and she might not be as strong as i was to look that man in the eye hold he’s shirt confront him and plead the blood of jesus upon him and hes evil plans.
Ladies beware if a man is trying to get too close to you in a public place/ vehicle he might just just be more than a pervert.

God will keep protecting us all,i just pray God helps me to buy my own car soon.


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