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Senator Ben Bruce Reacts To Kano Mass Wedding: “Our priority shouldn’t be facilitating mass marriages”

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has reacted to the news of upcoming mass wedding in Kano State. About 10,000 Muslims women have so far registered for the ceremony, which is organised by the Hizba board in a bid to reduce the number of single women in the state.

“Really sad that in this period of economic downturn some states are more engaged with mass wedding registries rather than with mass job registries! 18,000 babies are born in Nigeria everyday.
States are seeking bailouts from the FG, businesses are closing up shop and the Naira is sliding everyday with high inflation and our priority is mass marriage! Really!!! Our priority shouldn’t be facilitating mass marriages. It should be how to make our people productive enough to marry for themselves and feed their families”he wrote

The Hizba board is yet to announce a date for the ceremony.


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