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Rob Kardashian spends up to $13K a month on takeaway food for Blac Chyna  

Rob Kardashian has revealed that Blac Chyna’s pregnancy cravings are quickly draining his back account.
During a Facebook Live chat with fans he said that his fiancee had racked up a bill in the thousands at one point in a bid to satisfy herself.

“I think one month it got to like $13,000,” he told fans.

When questioned as to what she was ordered, Chyna responded:

“Philly cheesesteak”.

During the same live chat, Rob admitted if it was up to him he would already be married to his fiance.

“If it was up to Rob, literally we would go tomorrow,””He wants to go there, but I’m like, ‘We need to do it the traditional way.’ “Chyna said

Rob added

 “We would’ve been at the courthouse downtown a long, long time ago.”Of course. Every woman deserves having a beautiful wedding – not when they’re pregnant,”. “So, we’ll wait for the wedding – for the wedding special.

On when it will happen she gave an ideas saying

 I kind of want to get my body back,” Sometime next year, to kind of give you guys an idea.”


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