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Who Is Ugonna Madueke? | Profile of Ugonna Madueke “The son of Ex-Nigerian Petroleum Minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke”

ugonna Ugonna Madueke is the son of ex-Nigerian Petroleum Minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke, who has very serious allegations of corruption as ex-Petroleum Minister of oil rich country called Nigeria.

Deziani Alison Madueke is married to Admiral Allison Madueke (retired), and the marriage has been on since the year 1999. Admiral Allison Madueke is one-time Chief of Naval Staff, who was at various times, the governor of Imo and Anambra State. Deziani has two sons, Chimezie Madueke and Ugonna Madueke.

3199535_screenshot20120118at8_30_44am_jpegfddbb43c17991987be054bbdf71e2b22 Diezani Alison-Madueke’s sons, living like Kings in America, complete with (photos) private jet travel, luxury ship vacations, frolicking with local and international superstars such as Dbanj, Neyo and Cecil Hammond.  The pictures below will tell you what is meant by Privilege, Money and Power.3199536_screenshot20120118at8_13_25am1_jpeg72a183b241714c34dc93539faa5e7989 3199537_screenshot20120118at8_13_01am_jpeg430c7ea979c8134764c72d893f288f22 3199538_screenshot20120118at8_12_18am_jpeg85004124c9270d4e2e7d62a13dc7fe5d 3199542_screenshot20120118at8_12_29am_jpeg4f79f4cc3ee6f6abcc93ffa0c39b3918 3199543_screenshot20120118at8_12_50am_jpegd93ddd173e491d6d9ed847cb152be7ad 3199555_screenshot20120118at8_08_55am_jpeg8c5def3d9ed083fbc86a2aa3d9f10c8f 3199544_screenshot20120118at8_12_10am_jpega8ceb70a321d77d78f6e6e4334670274 3199545_screenshot20120118at8_09_05am2_jpeg4f11d08ef64346489594b9165adbdb99


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